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Louise Westley

0116 224 1402

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0794 140 2778

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0798 253 2584

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Here at Freedomlink we have supported hundreds of students to realise their potential. Our aim is to work with individuals to help ease the transition into university and college life and to provide continued support throughout the study period.

Our Study Support Services include:

  • Note-Taking - we provide a set of notes taken in lectures/seminars in handwritten English.
  • Mobility and P.A Support - we assist students with moving around the campus to access their courses and with day to day activities, such as opening doors, fetching and carrying books.
  • Library support - we assist Students to locate books and research materials within the library.
  • BSL/English Interpreters - we provide British Sign Language/English Interpreters qualified to level 4.
  • Transcription - we transcribe material from one format into the client’s agreed format e.g. audio to handwritten notes or to printed text.
  • Time-Management/Study-Focused Skills - we support students to improve their time-management and self-study skills.
  • English Support to Deaf Students - we have a qualified teacher who is also a qualified British Sign Language/English Interpreter who assists Deaf students to access study materials and to complete their written assignments.
  • Teacher of the Deaf Support - we provide qualified support to Deaf students to access study materials and to complete assignments.
  • Readers - we provide readers to read relevant/requested materials to students, and to record information onto an appropriate device, as required.
  • Practical Facilitator - we provide support with mobility and practical tasks in university settings e.g. laboratory, art studio.
  • Exam Support - we provide readers to read out questions from exam papers and we provide scribes to write down answers dictated by students in exams.
  • Exam Practice Sessions - we offer students the opportunity to practise working with a scribe, or reader, or both before the actual exams.
  • Mentor Support - we have mentors who provide regular support to students in managing any academic and emotional situations which may arise on a day to day basis.
  • Research Assistance - we provide research assistance to find and select required information from books, journals and electronic sources.
  • Communication Support - we support the communication of Deaf students in education, using a variety of methods, including British Sign Language.
  • Study Skills Support/Coaching - we provide tutors with specialist knowledge of specific learning difficulties/conditions who deliver one-to-one study skills/coaching to students.

If you have any other requirements, or would like to discuss any of the above, please get in touch.