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Here at Freedomlink we're really proud of your achievements and we're really proud of our own too! Here's what people have been saying......

Student Testimonials:

  • "My Support Workers, without a doubt, gave me a boost of confidence for working at university; as we all know it's very scary when we start. My one-to-one Support Worker gave me the opportunity to develop my writing skills and to learn to write to University standards. Without all of the support I would never have been where I am now and that's halfway through my degree! I also have an 'Electronic Note-Taker' who comes to every lecture and types up the notes. I've never met anybody so patient and kind. Overall, a fantastic team, led by Lou Westley. Thank you." - William
  • "The support I received was great. My timetable was very complicated and varied each week, but there was always a Note-Taker waiting for me in each lecture with a smile. It made my studies even better and stress free" - Jessica
  • "The support is very good, and the Note-Takers are really friendly - they go out of their way to ensure that you get the best support possible." - Davinder
  • "Having a Note-Taker who was always reliable took a great deal of pressure off me. Louise, who runs Freedomlink, is really lovely, friendly and understanding. She is easy to talk to and she listens to any concerns you have and sorts them out." - Narinder
  • "Without Freedomlink I would not have completed my Law degree. The support and empathy given to me by my Support Worker were crucial and enabled me to take part as fully as all other students in aspects of university life." - Mary
  • "The support I received was both fantastic and beneficial to my studies." - Angela
  • "The support I have received from Freedomlink has been absolutely amazing. I must say all of the Support Workers have been with me all the way from day one and I cannot praise them enough. Thank you all at Freedomlink; you have made my studies at university manageable and my dream of achieving a good class degree a reality. Once again, thank you for making my dream come true." - Adele
  • "English Support - Carol Johnson is lovely to work with, great motivator, considerate and understanding. I don't think I would be where I am today without Carol's support. Thank you. Louise Thornhill is a wonderful Note-Taker: always punctual and reliable and has a wonderful sense of humour. Her notes got me through my exams! Generally, I think if I could, I would carry both Louise and Carol in my pocket. They have been wonderful and flexible when working with me." - Nishma (graduated June 2009 with 1st class honours degree in Law)
  • "Over the past 8 years' involvement as a student at DMU Leicester, I have had extensive and personal contact with Louise and her staff. I have nothing but high regard for their professionalism, punctuality and reliability of service." - Paul

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Training Testimonials:

  • “Louise and Carol have, during the past three years, become an integral part of the School of Social Work’s programme of teaching and training. The learning experience is both unique and challenging to students, as witnessed by their reflective logs.” - J. Coloute, Lecturer, School of Social Work, Leicester University
  • “Louise attended one of my teacher training courses and it proved to be an education for both of us. I learned so much from her about communication. I will never forget Louise. Not because she can’t hear, but because she has such a vibrant and intelligent sense of humour that she injects into her training that completely won over the whole group.” - Jenny Freestone, Community Engagement Manager, Leicester Adult Skills and Learning Service
  • "This is the best course I've been on of any type! All the information was useful and the presenters were excellent. Thank you!" - DMU support staff
  • "This has been the best course I have attended. I feel as though I have learnt a great deal in one day and was kept interested for the whole day." - DMU support staff
  • "All tutors and interpreters were very helpful, approachable and taught effectively. Really improved my confidence." - DMU support staff
  • "Really well run course. Morning and afternoon were both good sessions and learned lots; good participation and practice. Much more awareness of the barriers that face deaf people. Mary's afternoon signing session was great and contributed well to the morning session with Louise. Two great trainers working well together." - DMU support staff
  • "The most useful part of today's training was being taught by a person who is deaf herself." - Tutor, Adult Education
  • "Excellent awareness raising, prompting lots of questions and discussion within the group." - ESOL tutor, Adult Education
  • "Excellent teaching style." - ESOL tutor, Adult Education
  • "Really enjoyed the two days training, really informative. Thank you." - Leicester University Social Work student
  • "I wish the course had gone on for a bit longer!" - Leicester University Social Work student
  • "I think this training has really helped me to put things into practice and I am certain I will be able to use the knowledge in the real world." - Leicester University Social Work student
  • "Really enjoyed the course, made me think of my own actions. I loved the way I can apply directly to practice. Thank you." - Leicester University Social Work student
  • "Great course - went very fast and I would have liked to continue for longer. The tutor was excellent and shared the experiences of real events that really got the point across and helped me to achieve the aim of the training - excellent." - Leicester University Social Work student
  • "My mother is profoundly deaf and has a cochlear implant, yet I learned more today than during all the time she has been deaf - (40 years). Thank you." - Leicester University Social Work student
  • "Very warm and relaxed style. Emphasised the important aspects of working with deaf people and, most importantly gave me more confidence and general understanding in this area. Brilliant, thank you." - Leicester University Social Work student

Work Testimonials:

  • "Louise, as the head of Freedomlink offers a very professional and quality service. Her enthusiasm and dedication has ensured that the support we have received in terms of Note-Takers and Sign Language Interpreters has been exemplary and we would recommend the organisation to others who require such services". - Dee Martin CEO, Leicestershire Centre for Integrated Living
  • "Freedomlink have always been very professional in their dealings with me and accommodate my requests for professional communication support, even at short notice. I do have a preferred Note-Taker and Freedomlink do their very best to meet this requirement. The Note-Taker is punctual, professional and flexible while the work is always of a high standard". - Melody, Social Worker, Promoting Independence Unit
  • " My Note-Taker was excellent. She communicated with me well and clarified any issues or concerns with me. I was always pleased to receive her notes to pass on to my team meetings". - Anne, Deaf Social Club